June 2014 – Present: Toxicology Consultant to Achillion Pharmaceuticals Drug Safety & Toxicology Group, New Haven, CT

• Study Monitor for Discovery and GLP studies at CROs: subchronic through chronic rodent and large animal studies with neurobehavioral, respiratory, and EEG and ERG assessments; Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology studies (EFD, FEED, PPND), genetic toxicology (Ames, in vitro and in vivo micronucleus), CV/Respiratory SP studies in the dog, and ocular (intravitreous and suprachoroidal administration) studies

• Writing and review of IB, IND, PIP (Pediatric Investigational Plan), and CAC (FDA Carcinogenicity Assessment Committee) documents

Sept 2013 – Oct 2014: Toxicology Consultant to Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pre-Clinical Safety Scientific Monitoring Group, East Hanover, NJ

• Study Monitor for CRO toxicology studies; responsible for protocol and study design, on-site monitoring of studies, review and interpretation of data, and finalization of reports; scope of studies ranged from single-dose and two-week non-GLP studies to GLP chronic studies in multiple species

EXPERIENCE 1989 – 2011 MERCK RESEARCH LABORATORIES (Schering-Plough Research Institute from 1989 - 2010), LAFAYETTE/SUMMIT, NJ

• Compound Leader for early Discovery through late Development programs. Responsible for all aspects of toxicology program design; harmonization with Chemistry, Formulations, and Clinical program timelines. Coordination with drug metabolism/toxicokinetic colleagues on the establishment of preclinical toxicology programs and selection of dose levels. 

• Familiarity with design and interpretation of genetic toxicity and developmental/ reproductive toxicology studies.

• Leadership and guidance on submission documents (IB, CTD, IND, IMPD); response to US and international regulatory agency questions on submissions; participated in meetings with US FDA and Canadian HPB

• Toxicology Study Director for acute and subchronic studies in rodents, dogs, and primates, chronic/carcinogenicity studies in rodents, and toxicokinetic studies; experience with small molecules as well as biologics (monoclonal antibodies); mentoring of junior Study Directors; review of toxicology packages for potential in- licensing candidates.

• Evaluation of impurities/contaminants/degradation products in drug substances/drug products.


Toxicology representative to Chemicals Group and Specialty Chemicals Group business units. Monitored toxicity testing programs at contract labs, conducted written hazard evaluations of products, and represented the corporation at trade association forums.


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