Premier Toxicology Consulting, LLC is a single-member consulting firm with Dr. Mark R. Berardi as the President and Principal Toxicologist. Dr. Berardi is board-certified (Diplomate, American Board of Toxicology) with more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry including the last 5 as a consultant to large and small pharma companies. During this time he served as Study Director for the full range of toxicology studies in the standard species (rat, mouse, dog, primate), as well as Study Monitor for CRO studies. Dr. Berardi was also the toxicology Compound Leader on a number of therapeutic project teams, in the areas of obesity and diabetes, allergy and immunology, oncology, and neurology. In this role, he developed nonclinical development strategies for drug candidates in various stages, from Discovery through marketed products. Dr. Berardi also has 4 years’ experience in chemical industry toxicology (Hoechst Celanese) during which he conducted safety assessments of chemicals and intermediates.

Premier Toxicology Consulting offers toxicology services to companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries including design of toxicology programs and study protocols, CRO study monitoring, expert summary and evaluation of toxicology data, and preparation and review of documents for international regulatory submissions.


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